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The Zen Dental Marketing team are an expert group of digital marketing strategists dedicated to providing customised services to the Dental industry.

With proven success, our promise is look after growing your practice so you can focus on running it! Zen Dental Marketing is marketing made easy (for you).

We work with you to gain an understanding of where you are and where you want to be, and act as your drivers of growth and success.

With packages and customised services to suit all needs and budgets, Zen Dental Marketing is your industry-specific marketing solution.

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Our Origin Story

Jason and Toby Schulz from Zen Dental Marketing

Before founding Zen Dental Marketing in 2020, Jason and Toby Schulz had already owned and operated a successful marketing agency. For the prior 6 years, it had focused on growing service businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

During this time, they had worked with several hundred service businesses and grown the circulation of their popular email newsletter to over 50,000 small business owners.

In 2018, Jason met Merv Saultry, founder of the Independent Dentist Network and an industry stalwart.

Merv saw promise in the professional approach and results that they were achieving for service businesses and wanted to introduce them to the dental industry.

Merv put Jason in touch with several dental practices with one goal: to understand the challenges facing dental practice owners in implementing effective digital marketing strategies.

When they looked at the existing marketing agencies in Australia and New Zealand that were specialising in dental practices, they saw a significant gap.

The existing agencies were typically either:

  • Ex-practice owners or managers who understood deeply how to market a practice, but they didn’t have experience with getting practices to the top of Google.
  • Website development and design agencies offered SEO as an additional service. They had typically hired a single person to do all areas of SEO for their clients and were floundering with the skill complexity in delivering the service.

The challenge that existed for dentists was there was no digital marketing agency that specialised in Google Search (SEO and paid Google Ads) for dentists.

  • Nobody had a professional team trained in just dental search.
  • Nobody put Google Search at the core of their decision-making.
  • Nobody understood the depth and complexity of this marketing channel for dentists.
  • Nobody had documented and proven processes to reliably deliver results to dental practices.
Zen Dental Marketing employee doing SEO Ads
Lauren and Jason of Zen Dental Marketing

Through extensive feedback from practice owners and dental industry partners over 2 years, a highly effective approach to marketing dental practices on Google was developed.

The brothers combined their unique strategies for getting service businesses more high-intent inquiries from Google Search with what they had discovered about the time and profitability challenges dentists face.

In 2020, Zen Dental Marketing started its mission to provide dentists in Australia and New Zealand with a professional partner to help them to the #1 spot on Google.

The name Zen came about from the brothers’ approach to marketing on Google. It should be methodical and consistent. With the right long-term strategy in place, a practice should be able to sustain its performance regardless of other externalities; like increasing competition and Google algorithm updates.

When done right, an effective strategy should have a “zen” feeling to its execution performance - unwaveringly professional and calm.

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